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You have been imprisoned on the island of St. Kitts by the Orcs for various crimes, real or imagined! Find a way out, or accept your fate and see what the gods have in store. Plunder the high seas! Rob Dwarven treasure ships! Sack Orcish cities! Free Tiefling slaves! Become slaves yourselves! (or not!)

Roll up a 1st level character. For background information, treat the following races as:
Dwarves: Spanish
Gnomes: Dutch
Halflings: French
Half-Orcs: English
Elves/Half-Elves: Natives
Tieflings: Africans
Humans: English, Native, or African

Treat the following classes as professions:
Barbarian – Day laborer
Bard – Entertainer
Cleric – Priest or Surgeon
Druid – Shaman (Native or African only)
Fighter – Mercenary
Monk – Monk
Paladin – Crusader
Ranger – Explorer
Rogue – Thief

You can’t be:
-anything not listed above

(seriously, just pick from the stuff I listed.)

You can either roll your stats randomly at the next game night, Ask me to roll them for you, or use one of the following arrays:

You start with no equipment and no gold. (you’re in jail)

Home Page

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